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§  Starting current: 300A Peak Current 600A
§  Jump start a regular car up to 30 times when Gooloo GP37 jump starter battery is fully charged. 
§  Battery Capacity 15000 mAh
§  Charge iPhone/Android/Tablets
§  Emergency LED Light
§  19 volt 3.5 am3.5-amperet to power laptops
§  Takes up to 6 hours to charge in full. 
§  Short Circuit protection

The GOLOO 600A is unlike other jump starters in the market which are just marked with unreliable figure, GOOLOO 600A peak is able to start multiple vehicles. With this, you will no longer have to worry about carrying massive jump starters and quit calling a trailer service, waiting on the side of the road looks helpless. GOOLOO 600A peak has the ability to charge your phones, tablets, kindles and other mobile devices at speeds of up to 2.1 amps per port overall. The intelligent clamps has over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection. GOOLOO Jump Starter GP37, Intelligent Jump cables, wall charger, car charger, User Manual, our fan-favorite 18-Month Warranty and friendly customer service.
Battery amperage
This is a key feature that most vehicle owners are take key interest in. With GOOLOO, you are assured of 600A. These currents, you are able to start multiple types of vehicles, for examples; you can jump start your car, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor and so on. With this it is quite convenient given its portability.
Battery capacity
GOOLOO 6001 has a battery capacity of 15000mAh (55.5Wh). It can last 6-12 months without charging but it is advised to charge it after every 3 months. This is to prevent the full battery life cycle to occur, ensuring its durability.
The GOOLOO 600A is small in size of about 157 x 75 x 36millimeters. This can be stored in the back of the car or the trunk without using so much space then the traditional lead acid jump starter. The GOOLOO 600A has battery clamps that have 4 safety protection. These makes the work safer while attaching them to the battery points.
 Safety comes before everything when purchasing any equipment. This has been highly taken into consideration by GOOLOO 600A peak.The clamps have 4 safety protection measures in place that assist while starting up the vehicle. These measures are; short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection.
These protection features will protect both the user from getting shocked and the battery from damage. GOOLOO 600A peak has ensured all your vehicle needs are available and protected.
GOOLOO 600A peak has the following outputs; 12V/10A 5V/1A 5V/2.1A 19V/3.5A. With these outputs you can charge your phones, tablets, kindles and other mobile devices at very high speeds of up to 2.1 amps per port overall, these is shown by (5V/2.1A and 5V/1A output).With the other output values one will be able to start the different types of vehicles that require high currents.
Advantages of the GOOLOO 600A

The jump starter is a very powerful although it is small in size it can jumpstart a vehicle with a capacity of 6.5L Gas and for a diesel vehicle of 5.0L for a maximum of 30 times with one fully battery can jumpstart a ford F150 and a pickup truck. This is the type of jump starter everyone should have in their car.
Multi- purpose battery
The GOOLOO 600A peak is a multi-purpose jump starter that can be used as a jump starter to start a car engine while also serving other purposes such as charging phones because it has a dual USB charge ports and can charge with a speed of 2.1 amps per port. It contains 8 different adapter plugs for charging as man as you want. The GOOLOO 600A has a LED flashlights with three different modes: the solid mode, strobe mode and the S.O.S mode. The flash light is very bright and can be used in case of emergencies.
Due to its light weight and its size the GOOLOO 600A peak can be carried around from place to place without using too much space in the trunk or even been tired from carrying it while one needs to jumpstart their car. Due to its compact packaging it is very convenient while moving around and being a wonderful companion for your electrical devices that need charging.
It is a very durable jump starter with a standby period of up to 6months although it is advisable to recharge after every three months. 0nce the battery was charged it can be used for about 25times before being recharged. The jump starter battery has a life has a life expectancy of over 1000 cycles.
Safety measures
GOOLOO 600A peak cares for the customers wellbeing and hence it has convenient measures put in pace to facilitate safe jump starting of a car even for new persons who have no experience with jump starting cars. It is fitted with intelligent clumps that have short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over charging protection and over current protection. It also has well insulated cables.
An added advantage is that the GOOLOO 600A peak comes with an instruction manual and a warranty of 18 does not take a very long time to charge.
Disadvantages of using the GOOLOO 600A peak
1.   It is not the best option for big cars and trucks.
2.   According to some reviews the instruction manuals could be improved.
3.   The boost button cannot be easily pressed unless you use something such as a pen.
4.   The carrying bag does not hold everything in.
The GOOLOO 600A has come as a relief for all motorist and travelers who need a trusted companion once they start their journey, no need to be worried about a having a dead battery.

Input 15V/1A
Output  5V/2A;5V/1A;19V/3.5A;12V/10A
Capacity 15000mAh
Start Current: 300A
Peak Current: 600A
Size: 157*75*36(mm)
Weight: 540g
Operating Temp. -20??60?/-4?~140?
Lifetime >1000 cycles
Full Charging Time 5 Hours
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