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GOOLOO OBD2 Scanner Code Reader OBD II Scan Tool Diagnostics DT65


1.GOOLOO DT65 Full 10 Modes: Read and clear automotive engine fault code and one-key help to get quick DTC guide, on-board monitor and O2 monitoring test, I/M readiness status and vehicles live data, freeze frame and component test. Check engine light and testing cylinder misfire in any time
2.I/M Readiness Status & Quick Smog Check: Easy to check your car with one-click I/M readiness key, which is convenient to confirm the vehicle’s condition. Also, you can do a quick SMOG check to learn about your vehicle’s emissions. GOOLOO DT65 is a user friendly OBD2 scan tool for home diagnostics
3.Live Data Monitoring: Show your car’s real time data likes data of engine RPM and vehicle speed sensor. It will help you to understand the recent driving situation and engine efficiency of the vehicle. Also, GOOLOO DT65 allowed to connect computer to transfer data and print out to do a detailed analysis
4.Multiple Supported & Widely Applicable: 2.8" color display and built-in speaker designed. 3 Language ( English, Spanish and French ) for choice. Support 5 Vehicle Protocols included ISO 9141,CAN (ISO 11898), PWM (J1859-41.6), VPW (J1850-10.4), KWP2000 (ISO 14230)
5.Lifetime Upgrade Online: Plug and play, no need batteries. Lifetime free upgrade the latest program to update DT65 and get a diagnostic tool that keeps pace with the times all the way from GOOLOO
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