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GOOLOO Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power 6500PA Strong Suction


Input Voltage DC-12V
Power 120W
Power Cord Length 14.8ft / 4.5M
Vacuum Degree ≥6.5KPa
Decibel ≤75db
Weight 32oz
Vacuum Cleaner 3.30*3.38*14.76inch
Packaging size 4.33*6.69*16.22inch
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Intelligent Voltage Detection
Stainless Steel HEPA Filter
Long Cord Design
Super Strong Suction
Built-in powerful and durable motor rotates with suction 6500Pa and the max speed of 33000PM per/min, stronger than most other handheld car vacuum.
Intelligent Voltage Detection
Only 1 light on: Voltage≤11V. Low Voltage, need to replace car battery
2 lights on: 11<Voltage≤13V. Car battery in good condition
2 more lights on: Excellent car battery condition
Stainless Steel HEPA Filter
Upgraded HEPA filter is washable and durable, it will not get rusty easily like general metal made and not be damaged like non-woven fabric filter.
Long Cord Design
Length of 14.8ft power cord enables you to clean any area of your car. Plug and play so you don’t worry about the issue of continuation like cordless one.
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